Message from the CEO

​With the technological advancement and the internet revolution that is global, this had resulted in the use of new technologies that are now between our hands and have assisted Al Hoshan when it came to serving the community. This change in technology is now used to meet the expectations of clients and with it we have developed our projects and the internal policy of the company through the hiring of the communications and e-commerce sectors to develop our service and provide the needs for stationary, and office supplies with ease through the internet, and the client can visit our website and browse through our products and services and purchase through an online purchase form that is linked directly to the company and the order is followed from purchase to delivery.
We always strive to please our customers through the constant search for methods in developing our services and projects in the hope of presenting the best solutions and assistance that meet the needs of our clients anytime and anywhere and that is through presenting our online services that are considered the first of its kind in the GCC region.

Recent Highlights
30/ 12/ 1899

Two new Sanrio Showrooms (i) Jeddah (ii) Khober  to be opened in Feb. 2012  as per schedule read more..​​

28/ 03/ 2012

Five new Sanrio showrooms to be planned for 2013 read more.​

Client list